Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update: The Future Of NBC

Continuing from yesterday...
NBC Universal also owns Telemundo. It isn't yet known Comcast plans to buy that network. If they do, this would lead to several affiliate changes across the counrty , especially for markets that have an NBC O&O plus the Telemundo affiliate. If (again, it's unlikely) FOX and NBC merge, this wold lead to one station becoming an independent unless another network forms to replace programming on that station. There may not even be changes this significant at all. I do think that there will be changes to come next fall for The Jay Leno show. There are several options for NBC if they want to keep the show. It can be moved to 7pm, 9:35pm (airing local news at 9), at 10pm (giving the 9m hour to affiliaes), or air the show weekly instead of daily.

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