Monday, November 2, 2009

2010 Syndication

There are several more oppurtinites to fill in the gap for local tvstations across the nation in 2010. If MyNetworkTV survives for at least another year, I think there's a possibility that we may have an affiliate by fall of next year. Our CW affliate, WBMM (Montgomery's CW) has a few ours of programming left available. All upcoming programs may not air in our market, but if they do, we'd need another station. If a station (WAKA, WSFA, WBMM, or WNCF) gets a MyNetworkTV affiliation next year (on a sub-channel), it will more than likely get syndicated programming on it's channel.

Coming up tomorrow, Central AL TV will have continuing coverage of this story. Here's a preview: Find out what programs have been cleared for Fall 2010.

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