Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Special Report: What's The Difference? (Part 1)

Do you know some differences between WAKA and WSFA? If not, here's a Central Alabama TV
special report, What the Difference?.


*CBS affiliate *NBC affiliate
*Channel number is 8 *Channel number is 12
*6 news anchors *7 news anchors (Not including Law Call Host Kim Wanous)
*5 reporters *6 reporters
*3 meteorologists *4 meteorologists
*2 sports anchors *2 sports anchors
*3hrs. and 35mins. of news *5hrs. and 40mins. (Not including WSFA.COM's Talk with Tonya)*Located on the E. Blvd. *Located on Delano Avenue
*Not in HD *Is in HD
*Uses slogan regularly *Doesn't use slogan that much (Not counting the opening graphics)
*Weather branding isFirst Alert Weather Network * Weather branding is Doppler 12 StormVision
*Sports branding is The 8 Team *Sports branding is simply WSFA 12 Sports
*Usually has a fill-n anchor if one is out *Don't usually have a fill-in anchor if one is out.
Another special report is coming up tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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