Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's Right: Weather And Basketball Collision

The weather and basketball may be colliding over the next day or so. March Madness is still continuing on CBS 8 and severe weather has its site set on the state of Alabama. CBS 8 has said that they would probably have to be on in the upcoming days. They've also said that they will try to make their weather updates as quick as possible, but if the weather gets very bad, extend coverage may be on. CBS 8 needs to put the basketball game on one of their digital sub-channels, if necessary, because there are some b-ball fans that will not move while the games are on and will be very disappointed even though their lives are at danger. CBS 8 gets a "What's Right With Our News?" award because they're saying that they will not put their viewers' lives in danger by not having severe weather coverage while basketball games are on.

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