Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big Stories = Big Coverage

Yesterday was a very busy day for CBS 8 and WSFA 12. Both stations covered the Montgomery mayoral election and the South Alabama shooting. CBS 8's Jenna Deery covered the election on CBS 8 News at 5 and 6, but on CBS 8 News at 10, she provided breaking news coverage of the shooting from the CBS 8 News Live Center. Some of the video on CBS 8 was provided by Dothan's CBS affiliate WTVY. CBS 8 News at 10 last about 45 minutes. CBS 8 didn't have a reporter on the scene last night. I wonder where Elise Burkart was since she's a reporter for the CBS 8 South Alabama Newsroom; however, this may not include their coverage area or she may have been off. It really didn't matter if it's in their coverage area or not because Birmingham TV stations were there, too. Meanwhile, at WSFA 12, Kim Hendrix and Melissa McKinney gave live reports from South Alabama on FOX News At Nine and WSFA 12 News at 10. WSFA 12 News at stayed on for 50 minutes last night. Judd Davis is live in South Alabama this morning. Will CBS 8 have someone live this morning? We'll see in just a few minutes on CBS 8 This Morning. More information coming up later today.

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